Begin at the end: The call to action

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Have you ever watched a show or read a book that had an unsatisfactory ending? Even though you enjoyed everything else, the ending left you wanting or unfulfilled. That’s one reason why every email, letter, article, blog post or press release you write should conclude with a purpose.

Good writing often begins with knowing the purpose of what you are writing before you begin writing. Once you know your goal, you can work more effectively toward getting there. A call to action is an effective way to conclude your writing. The call to action asks the reader to do something once they conclude reading what you wrote.

For example, when you send a letter or email to a client, end it with a call to action, such as requesting that they contact you by phone, respond via email, or visit your website. Your goal is to get them to do something based on what you said in the body of the letter or email. You wrote a story that led them in the direction you wanted them to go, and now you have to wrap it up by telling them exactly what to do.

All press releases should conclude with a call action. It may involve calling your company to purchase a special offer, or visiting your website to register for a free gift, or it may involve contacting your media department for more information.

A call to action can be subtle. The email signature can serve as your call to action, reminding the reader that you are the leading manufacturer of custom office furniture or that you provide free quotes on all consulting projects. Your signature can direct readers to your phone number and website without actually telling them to go there.

Even an article or blog post can contain a call to action. An article on using email more efficiently can conclude by directing you to implement the tips that morning, or by pointing you to several useful resources on the topic. A blog post can conclude with a request to sign up for a weekly newsletter on productivity tips and tricks.

The call to action is an effective way to drive the reader toward the goal you want them to achieve – for both your benefit and theirs. You will get the reader to go where you want, and the reader will take a more direct path to the destination they began when reading your words.

So, when you write your next email or marketing piece, think about what you want the reader to do, and then directly or indirectly tell them to do it. Include a call to action. For example, send me an email at contact @ davidgargaro.comĀ and let me know what you thought of this post. Let’s make a connection. See how that works?

David Gargaro

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