Conducting research and doing NRA marketing

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When doing research on your customers, you need to understand two key elements – demographics and psychographics.

Demographics can help you to indicate the differences between customers (or companies) based on observable characteristics, such as race, age, location,industry, size, etc. In my case, I would use the following categories:

  • Publishers (large, small, corporate, educational, math)
  • Trainers, companies that provide training products
  • Authors (fiction, non-fiction)
  • Corporations (insurance, law firms, financial, other)
  • Designers (web, graphic, companies, agencies)

Psychographics can help with indicating the differences between customers (or companies) based on psychological factors, such as motives and needs. Again, in my case, I would use the following breakdown:

  • Need an experienced editor to lead a team
  • Need an editor to support existing staff
  • Need a writer to provide expertise lacking in organization
  • Need security of knowing that materials are clear, accurate and professional

NRA marketing involves using different strategies to find customers, make an impression on customers, or even exclude competitors. This involves two different approaches:

  • Target or rifle marketing involves marketing my message to very specific potential clients or companies. This could involve sending emails or postcards to a list of companies in a niche, or crafting a marketing message that only appeals to certain types of customers. For example, I provide math editing, and I can focus on companies that publish math materials only with this approach.
  • Shotgun marketing involves advertising my message to everyone and anyone, which will attract some potential clients but most of the recipients won’t be interested. This could involve Google AdWords, which is a bit more focused than typical shotgun marketing, as many people will see it but only interested parties will click on the link.

What marketing approaches do you use in your business? How do you research your target markets? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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