Finding markets for your workshop or seminar

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In my last post, I talked about whether I should give a workshop, seminar or webinar. Today, I’ll talk about how to find markets for these types of services.

There are three general markets you can use to give seminars, presentations, and workshops:

  • Self-promotion
  • Talks promoted by others
  • In-house talks

Use the following methods to build an audience through self-promotion:

  • Post a free calendar announcement in your local newspaper, online classified, etc.
  • Send letters or flyers to local businesses.
  • Take out ads in larger newspapers, business journals, etc.
  • Combine your efforts with other experts to gain access to their clients (e.g., lawyers can partner with accountants, writers can partner with designers, financial planners can partner with bookkeepers).
  • Invite your clients to participate in your seminars by providing testimonials, case studies, etc.

You can give a presentation or seminar where other groups are already meeting:

  • Use online and published directories to find groups, organizations, networking associations, etc. that are already meeting, as they are always looking for experts to give talks.
  • Find ways to get sponsors to offer your seminars and classes.
  • Participate in college and university extension programs.
  • Partner with national seminar providers that put together programs for speakers.

Getting in as a speaker for a large corporation can be challenging, as they usually hire people who are well known or experts in their particular field. You can also approach companies as a professional trainer with a list of seminar or workshop topics that would appeal to that particular industry or company. This also requires some networking and sales skills to convince companies to hire you to give a presentation. However, the payoff can be quite lucrative.

What methods do you use to find opportunities to conduct seminars, workshops and presentations? Let me know –

David Gargaro


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