How to become a better public speaker

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In a previous post, I pondered the idea of developing my own seminar, webinar or workshop on an editing or writing topic that would interest corporate clients. Besides trying to come up with the right topic, another key issue is my introversion, as I do not like to speak in public or converse with strangers. However, I have often been complimented on my public speaking and speech writing, as I think that I am good at it when I put the requisite effort into it.

Many people have a fear of public speaking, but I think the main issue is that people don’t know how to do it well enough to overcome their fear. Here are my four tips on practicing your public speaking and presentation skills while overcoming your fear at the same time:

  1. Work with someone else: Partner with a more experienced presenter, or split the duties with someone else in a similar field. You can focus on specific subjects, or let the other person do the majority of the speaking.
  2. Attend Toastmasters: This organization allows you to learn from experienced public speakers and get constructive feedback on your presentation skills.
  3. Talk at schools: Teachers at high schools and colleges are often open to experts speaking for free on different business topics, or subjects that would interest their students while tying into lessons.
  4. Be prepared: Make sure that you know your material. Do not read from cue cards. Use real examples, case studies and stories that are familiar to you so that you are more comfortable with the content of your presentation.

What tips do you have on becoming a better public speaker? Let me know –

David Gargaro


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