Using an email signature as part of your online marketing

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Email signatures are an often overlooked component of the online marketing toolbox. Email signatures are a free and effective way to market your message to your potential and existing clients. Whenever you send an email, respond to an email, or post to a discussion group, your message should conclude with an email signature. It should include your name, website, contact information, and a message (such as a tagline). For example, here is an example of my signature:

David Gargaro
Consulting Editor

Check out my book – How to Run Your Company… Into the Ground:

You can create several different signatures for different clients, markets, email addresses, and purposes. For example, if you are a real estate agent who sells residential, rental, commercial, and investment properties, you can create a different email signature attached to different agents, email addresses and markets. For example:

Frank Sales
The Sales Guy (this is just an example website)
I am your rental property specialist.

You can also include links to different websites, promote your newsletter, provide information on special offers, and more. The only limit is your creativity.

Do you have a great idea for an email signature, or a tip on how to make it more effective? Let me know –

David Gargaro


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