Four easy ways to expand your online marketing

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My previous post on email signatures offered one way to promote yourself and your services online. Why should you look for ways to expand your online marketing efforts? Online marketing is:

  • Integrated marketing, as it provides various tools to promote your message (e.g., billboard, catalogue, brochure, focus group)
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing
  • Fast, as you can provide instant responses and updates
  • Relatively simple for you and your clients
  • Customizable, as you can target messages for specific clients
  • Ideal for clients who want to control the messages they receive
  • Another avenue to provide customer service
  • Effective for reducing and controlling costs
  • Interactive, as it can encourage feedback from clients
  • Information rich, with numerous ways to provide content
  • Accessible to markets in your neighbourhood and around the world, and different groups of people
  • Available all day, every day
  • A great way to build community and strengthen online relationships

Here are 4 ways to expand your online marketing:

  1. Give advice. Giving advice on websites, discussion groups, online forums, and mailing lists is a great way to build relationships and grow your brand. You can become known as an expert in any given topic. Helping others is a great way to develop your reputation as someone who is willing to help others to succeed. As an example, I answer questions on Linkedin and Quora on topics related to editing, writing, freelancing, and other topics where I have knowledge and experience. You can also add an email signature to your responses to further promote your brand.
  2. Use hyperlinks. There are two key ways to use hyperlinks to market your services:
    – Get other websites to link to your site.
    – Link your website to other sites that would interest your customers.
    More links to and from your site will improve your ranking in some search engines, and will make your site more valuable as a resource.
  3. Support bookmarking. Ask visitors to your site to bookmark the page they visited, especially pages that contain useful resources or are regularly updated. This will enable them to return to your page with one click, and keep you and your site top of mind.
  4. Provide fresh content. Update your website regularly with new content – articles, links, resources, news, etc. Make sure that people have a reason to visit your website regularly. FourSome programs enable you to link pages to a database that will support the generation of customized content for visitors. You can also create dedicated information pages that cover specific topics of interest to different groups of clients.

What tips do you have on promoting yourself online? Let me know –

David Gargaro


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