How often do you follow up with clients?

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I often check in with clients every few months when I have not worked with them for some time. I treat it like part of my marketing efforts, and it tends to pay off with a couple of new projects (either immediately or a few months down the road).

However, I was somewhat surprised (after reading an article) that I don’t often follow up with new or existing clients right after completing a project. I have not traditionally asked, “Do you have any other projects on the horizon?” or simply “What’s next?” I don’t follow up a week later to ask how they felt about my most recent work or would they know of any other clients who would have a need for my services.

I have been ignoring clients and projects who I have recently completed work for, which means a lot of missed opportunities to take on new projects and provide additional services. I did good work, they paid my invoices promptly, but I have not been taking advantage of this good will and my reputation for providing quality work.

Thankfully, I read this article on following up with your current clients and projects, and will be adding this tactic to my marketing toolbox. Every time I complete a project, I will ensure that I leverage the quality of my work by following up with the client within a few days. I will ask if they have other projects on the horizon, and keep my name and services top of mind.

How often do you follow up? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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