Market your services differently to different stages of clients

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All freelancers and businesses should market their products and services to potential and existing clients. However, you should market to different types of clients in different ways. Catering your marketing activities enables you to turn suspects (i.e., potential prospects) into prospects and then turn prospects into customers. You can then turn customers into premium clients, who will pay more for your services, and eventually become champions.

Following this marketing plan produces a number of benefits, including:

  • Qualifying your prospects
  • Getting permission from prospects to market to them
  • Providing low barriers to try products and services
  • Focusing on over-delivering on purchases
  • Getting clients to try new products and services
  • Generating referrals and exposure

One of the best ways to market to suspects is to provide free information, such as articles, reports, case studies, white papers, ebooks, newsletters, etc. Once they accept your offer, they become prospects and provide permission for you to market introductory services and products that enable them to try you out and see if they want to proceed with your other services.

Once a prospect has become a client, your goal should be to identify and market to your premium clients – those who are willing to pay for more premium and exclusive products and services. They may become repeat customers, or pay higher rates for customized services. The ultimate goal is to turn premium clients into champions who will refer other clients to you and serve as part of your sales and marketing team. You can encourage referrals with rewards and loyalty programs that pay back referrals with some sort of benefit (e.g., membership, discounts, points, finders’ fees).

How do you market to prospects and clients? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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