Eight ways to write great email subject lines

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Whether you are writing prospecting emails to potential clients or sending queries to existing clients, you must begin with a solid subject line. It’s the difference between having your email read and having it deleted at first glance. You might have great content and information in your email, but if the subject line does not grab their attention, it’s all for nothing.

The basic purpose of the subject line is to sell the opening. The reader should want to open and read that email because of the subject line, and then do what you ask them to do (i.e., respond to your call to action).

Consider these types of subject lines before writing your next email:

  1. Self-interest: The subject line states something that directly benefits the reader.
    (Hiring a writer will help you to increase sales by 10%.)
  2. Curiosity: The subject line piques the reader’s interest.
    (How much is a writer worth to your bottom line?)
  3. Offer: You give something away to the reader.
    (Get a free ebook on writing better emails.)
  4. Urgency/scarcity: You make an offer with a time limit, or there is a limited supply of what is being offered.
    (Reply within 48 hours to receive your ebook on writing better emails.)
  5. Humanity: You thank or greet the reader.
    (Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood editor.)
  6. News: The subject line indicates a new development.
    (Learn about a new way to improve your email response rate.)
  7. Social proof: The subject line points to a success story.
    (How I helped a local business increase their sales by 15%.)
  8. Story: You tell an interesting story.
    (How I accidentally became an editor.)

What subject lines have worked for you? Let me know – contact@davidgargaro.com.

David Gargaro

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