How to turn ideas into projects

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We all have ideas that we want to turn into something real. It might be a book or website, or a new product, or a fully functioning business. For example, I wrote and self-published How to Run Your Company… Into the Ground. The idea for the book sat in the back of my mind for years until I decided to put my thoughts on the page, and then into book form.

Too often we let those ideas remain inside our head until they fizzle and wither into the depths of our memory. However, there are some steps you can take to get on the path toward turning those ideas into something real (as I learned from Charles Gilkey’s book The Start Finishing Action Guide).

  1. Start with the end in mind, why it matters and who will care about (or benefit from) the realization of your idea. Determine why the project matters, and identify its main purpose.
  2. Avoid getting stuck on just the idea. List everything that has to be done to turn the idea into a project. Turn each item into a process.
  3. Sequence your projects to create a roadmap. Identify when to start and finish each part of the project. Use mind mapping to organize your ideas.
  4. Celebrate after completing a project. Debrief by determining what went well and what did not work.

I think the second step is vital. Writing down what needs to be done will help you get closer to turning your idea into a real project, and giving it life. Putting ideas on paper, and getting them out of your head, will make those ideas more concrete. It will also help to understand the steps needed to get to your goal.

How do you go about turning your ideas into real projects? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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