Focus on one clear idea

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How often have you come across content that tries to tell you everything at once? The writer wants to tell you about all the great things that their product or service can do. The company boasts about how many different ways they can help you to build your business. The promotional email lists a number of things that you will achieve when you sign up for service. A cover letter describes five different reasons to hire a prospect.

When a reader is presented with so many different ideas, or reasons to work with you, they lose sight of your message. They might have interest in one of those points, but it is buried behind all the other points. Those other ideas might seem supportive, but they distract from the main point. All those points are valid, but only one truly resonates with the reader.

Some writers want to include all the key points and messages to get the widest audience possible. All those different issues will apply to different people. Cast a wide net and you will catch a lot of fish. But there is a danger of losing your core audience, and attracting the people who will respond to your core message. When you to try to be something for everyone, you will end up missing the audience you want to reach.

Think about the most effective promotions, emails, letters or marketing campaigns that have worked with you. They focused on one key point or central message. Everything revolved around that central idea. The message spoke to you and you were sold because all the content focused on that message.

For example, many non-profit marketing campaigns focus on a single action or message. Run for the Cure. Be a Big Brother/Sister. Water is Life. They work because the focus on a cause, and there is a single message that supports the cause.

Focus on one key point, and build your content around that point. Speak to one person, your ideal reader/buyer, and tell them what they want to hear. Build all your content around that core message. Your reader will hear you loud and clear.

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