How to write different types of paragraphs for blogs, articles, and letters

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In a previous post, I discussed writing topic sentences for paragraphs. Each type of topic sentence will affect how you write your paragraph. There are many different ways to write and organize your paragraph. Each method depends on what you want to achieve with your writing and how you want to arrange the information. The goal is to organize your sentences and paragraphs to lead the reader where you want them to go. This is particularly important when writing marketing, sales and business letters.

Use one of the following methods to construct a well-developed paragraph.


Present the information in chronological order, starting at a particular time. The topic sentence should pull the events together. For example, you could write about the timeline behind developing your company’s new marketing software.


Explain how something is done or made. You can use a step-by-step method and follow chronological order. For example, you could explain how a client could use your marketing software to create a company newsletter.


Arrange the details in a logical and consistent way – general to specific, near to far, past to present, etc. The order will provide a framework for the details you want to include. For example, you could describe the features of your company’s marketing software.


Divide a group of items into categories that will explain the group to the reader. You can arrange the items being classified from first to last, largest to smallest, most important to least important, etc. For example, you could describe different types of marketing software and where your marketing software fits into that class.


This is similar to classification, but you would indicate how the parts affect (or are being affected by) whatever you are analyzing. For example, you could show how a new feature in your marketing software reduces the time to create marketing materials.


Explain or describe the key item or issue. Definition can be formal (precisely classified and described) or informal (using general terms or synonyms to describe the item). For example, you could define the different aspects of your marketing software and explain what they do.


Comparison involves describing how two things are similar. Contrast involves describing how two things differ. For example, you might compare and contrast your company’s software to your competitor’s product.


Make a statement and then use examples to illustrate the statement. For example, you could state how your marketing software improves sales, and then use a case study to demonstrate what it did.


Knowing how to properly use the different types of paragraphs will make you a more effective writer. You will find it easier to organize your thoughts, and make your point more clearly to the reader. Work with the different types of paragraphs and see what works best for different situations.

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