How to land better clients as a freelancer

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Some time ago, I read 9 Things Freelancers Absolutely Must Do to Land Lots of Quality Clients by Red Lemon Club. The book describes (among other things) a number of things that freelancers must do to improve the quantity and quality of their clients. Red Lemon Club has a lot to offer on its website, so make sure that you check it out (I am not an affiliate and have no financial stake in his website).

To follow is what I learned about getting more clients from Red Lemon Club’s eBook, and what I hope to apply in building my business.

  1. Write down your personal end goals. Put your goals in written form to clarify your mind. Goals should be short term and long term. Be as descriptive as possible – the point is to be list your motivations.
  2. Determine your target market. Be very clear in what companies and individuals you want to target. Know who they are, what they do, and what is important to them.
  3. Assess what your target market is really looking for. Research what they want and need so that you can target them with solutions.
  4. Know when your prospects are likely to look for you. Know the important moments in a client’s business life (e.g., when they publish, their busy and quiet times) so that you can contact them when you are most needed.
  5. Find out where clients look for people like you. Go where they search or hang out – online, forums, networking, trade shows, etc. Be where they are, and be visible.
  6. Determine what it is about you that attracts clients. Identify what is unique about you or your service, and express it as a selling point. Be clear in your description. Focus on the benefit you provide.
  7. Work out the main way for prospects to engage with you. Determine how you want prospects to develop a relationship with you – email, Twitter, phone, newsletter, etc.
  8. Spend time building credibility as a professional. Build your professional image – get testimonials, blog or write articles on your expertise, speak at conferences, etc.
  9. Develop and maintain relationships with prospects and past clients. Stay in communication with clients to stay top of mind – send check-in emails or postcards, make regular social network status updates, write blog / newsletter postings, etc.

Red Lemon Club has a lot more great content on its website, as well as the eBook. I shared what I thought was most relevant here. Make sure to give it a read, and comb through the website. They have a lot of useful information for freelancers.

If there are any eBooks that you’d like me to read and summarize for you here, or give my thoughts on, let me know –

David Gargaro

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