Five ways to land freelance writing work fast

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If you’ve been freelancing or self-employed for any length of time, you’ll come across those times when you need to bring in more work quickly. Losing clients and work during the pandemic is one of those times. You should always be marketing your services to keep those leads and clients coming, but sometimes it just does not work out that way. And sometimes you need to try new approaches to get more work coming in more quickly.

I attended a webinar that had some great tips on getting more freelance work quickly. Maybe one of these tips will work for you.

Develop and market a loss leader

Create a product or service that does not make you money (or very little money) to get clients coming to you. This could be a DIY info product or case study that prospects and clients can download from your website. It could be a service tied to your core service that you price less than what you would charge for your core service. For example, if you are a copywriter, you could do a website audit at a lower rate than you charge for your writing. The goal is to get your content in prospects’ hands or to get people to try you out for something. That gives you the invitation to contact them for your core services.

Launch a new service campaign

Send an email to your current and past clients about your new service offering. Make the email personal and explain how the new service is relevant to them and their needs. You have an audience that knows what you can do, so offer them something else that they might need.

Become an “alchemist”

Show clients how to create new assets that they have not considered, in an efficient and effective manner. Again, use your personal connection to show how your clients can improve upon their business, fill holes in their content, etc. You can help them develop new ideas, and turn the best ones int abstracts, blog posts, white papers, webinars, etc.

Unbundle your existing services

Unlock value from your existing services. Uncover those hidden assets you have to create new opportunities. For example, you could create mini-reports, cheat sheets, tips and tricks, etc. on how to write a great newsletter, improve productivity, and so on. Pull out one aspect of what you do and create focused value.

Tap a client nexus

Find an untapped source of client referrals, which can lead to a lot of business. Go after a target market that is not being serviced (or is under-serviced) that should have a need for your services. For example, you can partner with complementary freelancers, approach trade show managers, contact marketing coaches, etc. Think about those markets where freelancers rarely tread.

What suggestions do you have for finding new business fast? We can all help each other out. I’d love to hear your ideas –

David Gargaro

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