How to position your freelance writing or creative business

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Some freelancers, solopreneurs, and creative professionals want to be all things to all people. You can be a “Jack/Jill of all trades” and still be successful. I’m a bit of a generalist – I write on a wide range of topics for clients in different industries. There’s a book called Range by David Epstein which argues that you can have more success by not focusing on a niche (read it – it’s quite good).

However, some freelance writing experts argue you can find greater success by focusing on a niche and deciding upon who you want or need to serve. Position your services by focusing on an area to stand out among your competitors. Show your customers that YOU are the solution for them. Customers respond better to focused prospecting.

I think you can succeed by focusing even if you are a generalist. You can write just informative articles and blog posts for companies in different markets.

So, where do you start in positioning your freelance writing or creative business?

  • Explore 2-3 areas or industries that you want to work in based on your experience, connections, interests, etc. Start with what you know and where you have experience.
  • Look more deeply into the markets you serve. Determine what your clients/market needs, and determine how you can satisfy that need while doing something that you enjoy.
  • Follow current business trends and investments. Choose growing markets as well – such as ebooks and interactive publishers.
  • Tell your prospects that you understand their particular issues and that you can help them to address those needs. Using your industry experience, try to address those specific challenges.
  • Choose markets that have money to spend. Look at their websites and marketing materials, and collect marketing materials from trade shows. When examining the markets, take a look at the size of the market (number of prospects), the average project or purchase size, and the frequency of the need for your services.

There are many other ways to position your creative business, but these ideas should give you a leg up in attracting the clients that you want, and growing your business. Do you have other ideas for positioning your creative business? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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