How do you motivate yourself to market your freelance writing business?

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If you’re a freelance writer like me, then you know that to build your business, you must keep finding new clients – or get clients to find you. Successful marketing includes awareness creation – making prospects aware of you and the services that you provide.

Creating awareness of your services requires motivation Рyou must motivate yourself to market you and your business all the time. Technology and processes can help, but motivation is the engine that drives your marketing. Motivation comes from knowing why you must market yourself over time. When you understand why, motivation follows more easily. So, how do you achieve this motivation?

Know your value

Understand the value of what you do. You must know how you and your services help others. Make a list of your services, and how they help your clients (and you) to achieve their goals, address their needs, increase their income, solve problems, etc. Focus on the positives to understand your value.

Go for scale

Create a plan to scale your business. Work on getting more clients, and planning on how you will then serve those clients. You might get too many clients to handle now – that’s a good problem to have because you can choose to turn away lower paying clients, or outsource to handle that extra work. Continue working harder so that you can take on more work. You can also create and market supporting products (eBooks, webinars, email courses, etc.) to create additional income. The point is to not think small – do not be hesitant about growth.

Market for fun

Do what you enjoy if it does the job. Marketing should not be a chore to avoid. Add activities that you like doing to your marketing – networking, speaking at events, free talks at schools. As long as you enjoy it and it gets the word out, then keep doing it.

Focus on wins

Position your marketing in a way to create daily small wins. It could mean sending five emails per day, or calling one prospect a week, or writing a blog post / tweet. Traction stars with small wins, and every win is encouraging.


Motivation is the key – to marketing, working hard, improving yourself, and many other aspects of your work and life. Find what motivates you, and use it to market and grow your business.

Do you have more suggestions on motivating yourself to keep marketing? Let me know what you thought of my post –

David Gargaro

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