How to get better responses to your marketing emails and LOIs

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I send “cold” and “warm” emails and letters of interest (LOIs) to prospects all the time. It’s one of the main ways that I market my content writing and copy editing services. On occasion, I also conduct research on how to make my marketing efforts more effective. I came across some simple tips to follow that anyone can apply in their email marketing strategy.

These six simple strategies are quite effective and will have a positive impact on your email marketing efforts.

Use shorter sentences with simple words

Avoid writing sentences that are longer than 15 words (where possible). People have short attention spans, and short sentences have more impact. The same goes with simpler words. You don’t need to show your intelligence with fancy words.

Include 1-3 questions in your email

Questions are great for getting a response. People respond to questions – it’s in our nature. However, avoid asking more than three questions. They get lost in the body and readers forget to answer them all.

Include a subject line

Every email must have a subject line. It tells the reader what your email is about. Keep it short (less than five words if possible).

Use a slightly positive or slightly negative tone

Neutral emails are easy to ignore. Take a stand either slightly positive or slightly negative. You’ll grab many readers’ attention with your opinion.

Keep the entire message between 50-125 words

If your email is too short, you won’t cover everything you need to say. If it’s too long, it simply won’t be read. Stay on message and focus your writing to control the word count.

Send emails early morning and at lunch time

People read emails first thing in the morning, and on their lunch break. Emails sent at the end of the day or mid-afternoon are easy to ignore and get deleted.

What tips do you have on writing effective prospecting emails? Do you need help with writing your emails? Let me know –

David Gargaro

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