Three-step system for finding new freelance writing clients

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I’ve written quite a bit about how prospecting and how to find clients as a freelance writer. It was a tough middle part of the year for me, and many others, as some clients slowed their output or shut down completely.

Although I have several strategies in getting more client work, I like this three-step system, which works pretty well.

1. Browse job boards daily

I’ve made a list of sites that have the types of leads and clients I like to work with. I have them linked in a web folder, and go through them in the morning or afternoon to find new opportunities. I search according to certain keywords, such as freelance, writer, editor, copy editor, etc. I also find companies that might hire for my role, based on other roles they’re hiring for. For example, if they need a technical writer or graphic designer, then they might need a copy editor or freelance writer who can handle other tasks.

2. Research the leads

There are some job postings where I’ll just apply and move on. However, in most cases, I’ll do research on the company on LinkedIn, find out more about what they do, make sure to get a contact name, and get as much detail as possible about what they’re looking for in this role. I’ll make note of some key terms and phrases to use when applying for the role or reaching out to a prospect.

3. Create a targeted email pitch

I use a script as the foundation for my reach out email. I’ll then customize the content of the email for the person I’m reaching out to, the position I’m looking to apply for, the skills I offer that match their particular needs, etc. The goal is to attract the reader’s attention and get a response (preferably a YES) to my email. Any response shows some level of interest, and gives me a contact for future follow-ups. The key is to personalize the email by highlighting a need or something that would make them interested in me. End it with a call to action so that it’s easy to reply. I also need to stand out in some way by tying my skills and experience to their needs or problem.

Would this approach work for you? Do you have your own way of finding possible clients? Let me know –


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