How to write effective cold emails to prospects

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I’ve been writing more cold emails lately to prospects to help grow my business. They can be effective, when done right. Here are some tips that have helped me to get more email responses from prospective clients.

Target the right prospects

Don’t send emails to every company or prospect that you come across. It’s going to waste your time and deter you from sending cold emails, since your response rate will be really low. Focus your emails on the right prospects, and tailor the emails to their needs. A positioning statement can help you to identify the right targets for your emails.

Get your email opened

Create a personalized subject line that will interest your prospect – use humour or something personal to them. The key (as is often the case) is to target the right person at the right time with the right message. Make sure to keep track of messages that have worked (and ones that have not) so that you can make adjustments to future emails.

Lead with value rather than a sales pitch

Focus on what you will do together (saying “You” and “we” rather than “I” and “me” in your emails). Refer to what is going on in their business – their needs, challenges, goals, successes, etc. Describe the positive value of working with you – how you can help them to achieve their goals, how you’ve helped others overcome similar circumstances. Ask for a next step that gives them value (send a free report, offer to do a consultation). You want to get a response more than a sale.

Keep your emails short and direct

Put the information front and centre. Don’t make them read a lot to get to the point. This will make responding much easier. Use formatting strategies (bullets, headings, bold points, links to outside sources) to make your emails more attractive to read. Emails should take less than five minutes to read – brevity is key.

Close with purpose

Don’t be wishy washy (e.g., “Let me know…”). Close with a clear next step that the reader can do in the next five minutes (e.g., “Let’s set up a call…, Can I send you some thoughts?”). The goal is to make it easy for the prospect to take the next step and move forward.


Warm emails are better than cold emails, but effectively written cold emails can still do a lot of heavy lifting for you, and help you to reach prospects and turn them into clients. Put thought into that next email and you will see results.

Do you need help with writing cold emails, or writing emails in general? Let me know –


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