How to win over clients as a freelance writer

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Finding new clients for your freelance content writing business – or any business for that matter – is more important today than it has ever been. Many freelancers have lost clients due to COVID-19 forcing the closure of their clients’ businesses, as well as some clients reducing their needs for freelance writing. It’s also important for new freelancers who want to grow their business.

There are many, MANY ways to find clients as a freelance writing business. To follow are four strategies that can work together to help you win new clients as a freelance writer.

Define your ideal client

Think about who you want to work with, or who you have worked with that was a great client. You enjoy the work and they pay well. Winning just a few ideal clients can make your business, and help you to enjoy the work you do so you’ll want to do great work.

Consider your goals – income goals, lifestyle goals, fulfillment of work – and match the clients to your goals.

So how can you classify ideal clients?

  • Clients within your industry or desired niche
  • Geography
  • Connections to others within your network
  • Mutually shared interests

Create a client acquisition plan

You need a way to find and acquire clients. The method depends on what works best for you, but here are some ideas:

  • Ask people in your network for connections
  • Attend local business events (online if necessary)
  • Join and search industry associations
  • Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – wherever you hang out online
  • Send out cold and warm emails, make phone calls, mail postcards, etc.

Whatever method you choose, commit to a repeatable plan. Stick with the methods that work for you, and repeat daily / weekly / monthly. Set tasks that you can repeat each week, and that will take a few hours of your week. Aim for bite-sized tasks that are easy to accomplish, as they will spur you to keep going.

Do what is within your control, and what you feel comfortable doing.

Sell solutions to business problems

You’re a writer (or whatever you happen to do). But your potential clients don’t really care what you do. The want solutions to their problems, not specific skills or services.

A skill is something you know how to do. A business problem is something you can solve using your skills. You can sell your skill set (i.e., say what you do, the experience you have doing it) to sell a solution to a specific problem. State the following:

I can help you do THING IMPORTANT TO CLIENT. I helped clients in your industry GET RESULT IMPORTANT TO CLIENT.

Create a sustainable business – repeat clients

The key to creating a sustainable business is to work with clients who will keep using your services over time. You don’t want “one and done” work … unless it pays very well and leads to referrals for more work.

This should be part of your client acquisition plan. Book strategy calls with clients every quarter or every few months. Discuss how you can take care of their work needs, as well as how you can help them to achieve their business goals.

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