Simple strategies for positioning your freelance writing business

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Many successful businesses position themselves in a specific way to attract certain types of clients. As a freelance writer, you should do the same.

Think about when you go out to grab a coffee with your friends. Why do you choose to go to Starbucks or Second Cup or Tim Hortons or the local independent coffee shop? Is it because it’s the closest place? Maybe so. Or is it because you want to feel a certain way when you’re drinking your coffee. Very likely.

How you position yourself as a freelance writer will compel your clients to feel a certain way about you. How they feel about you will also affect how you present yourself to the world and do business.

There are different strategies for positioning yourself to prospects and clients. They can work together or on their own.

Build credibility through your marketing

You can develop your positioning – and build your credibility as a content writer – by regularly marketing yourself and your services. How you market your services is up to you, but here are a few ideas:

  • Blogging: Writing a personal or industry blog, publishing posts on LinkedIn, writing long-form articles in publications and newsletters
  • Speaking: Given webinars and talks on topics you write about or are an expert in
  • Passive marketing: Stating in your blurb or bio who you help and what they get from working from you
  • Social media: Maintaining a current and consistent presence on your social media pages (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Maintain your website

Your website is part of your marketing, but it is also its own entity. Establishing and maintaining your web presence is part of developing your positioning. Your website should do the following:

  • Communicate who you serve and how you serve them – be clear about your ideal client and what you do to help them
  • Use good SEO and keyword usage – it addresses your clients’ business needs, using language that they would use to search for your services
  • Ensure your website has intuitive navigation – it’s easy to use and find information, and it’s not overly creative
  • Include a call to action – tell your visitors what to do and where to go when on your website
  • Keep your site up to date with current technology (mobile friendly) and link to your social media profiles

Recognize networking opportunities

Right now, it’s difficult to network in person. When you can network in person through real events (or even if you’re doing online events), do the following:

  • Connect with the person you want to meet before actually meeting them – connect on LinkedIn, saying you’re reaching out because you will both be attending the event
  • Start an online discussion about the event you’ll be attending
  • Pre-Tweet or post about the event, asking anyone who is attending if they want to connect or chat
  • Follow people you’ve met at the event online

When you’re building your network, make sure to include the following types of people:

  • Current and past customers
  • Peers and colleagues
  • Mentors
  • Referral sources

Cultivate your leads

To position yourself as a freelance writer, you need to develop relationships with people you want to work with. There are many different ways to cultivate relationships with leads – consider these ideas:

  • Create an email newsletter – include an opt-in and opt-out email list, write it regularly (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly), and provide consistently relevant information
  • Build a social media following – connect with leads online, follow them, share useful information, respond to comments
  • Write personal messages when doing outreach – reach out regularly to people who’ve responded to emails or social media posts, ask if they are ready to work with you

Blog posts on positioning your freelance writing services

Do you need help with positioning your freelance writing services? Let me know –

David, Author of How to Run Your Company… Into the Ground

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