What mistakes are you making on your website’s About Me page?

Photo by Andre Mouton on Pexels.com

If you’re a freelance writer or run any type of business, and you have a website, you need an About Me / About My Business page. You might think most people ignore it or don’t care about you, but the About Me page gets a lot of traffic. Yes, customers care most about how you can help them solve their problems, but they also want to know about the person who will help them. If you don’t have an About Me page, your prospect might not trust you, as if you don’t care to share who you are, then why should they want to work with you?

So, you need an About Me page. There are many ways to do it right, but I’d like you to know what you might be doing wrong. Avoiding these mistakes will put you on the right path to creating a great About Me page.

  1. You don’t have an About Me page. Or you call it something it different to be clever. Don’t do that. Make sure you have an About Me page.
  2. You don’t list your name or credentials. Your clients and prospects need to know who you are. How will people refer you if you don’t mention your name, your credentials, qualifications, etc.
  3. You don’t include a photo. People will be more comfortable working with you if they can put a face to the name.
  4. Your writing is boring. You’re a writer, so show your skills. People tend to forget how to write when they’re writing about themselves. Use your best writing voice – the one that makes you money.
  5. You only put in video, or focus too much on video. Video is great, as people like watching videos online. It’s great for rapport. But some people hate watching videos. It’s not for everyone, and can annoy some people. Keep videos short and interesting. Support your video with copy.
  6. You go on too long. Storytelling is an effective strategy but don’t be long-winded and boring. Talk about what’s important to the reader, not every part of your life and experience.
  7. You make the About Me page all about you. Focus on what would matter to your clients – the reader – and how you can help them achieve their goals, solve their problems, etc.

Need help with writing the About Me page or your website? Let me know – contact@davidgargaro.com.

David, author of How to Run Your Company… Into the Ground

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