How to write an essay well, summarize books, and create a messaging framework

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Here are a few interesting articles and blog posts I’ve read this past week:

How to write an essay well

Julian Shapiro put together a guide on how to write an essay well. It covers how to identify what to write about, generate insights on your topic, and how to rewrite for clarity, flow, and intrigue. He has a great process on putting together an introduction, which includes:

  • Choosing the right topic to write about
  • Writing a compelling introduction that makes you want to read further
  • Combatting readers’ potential skepticism
  • Getting feedback from others on the introduction

The ultimate guide to summarizing books

Tiago Forte shares the ultimate guide to summarizing books. It includes a system to figure out what to highlight, what you should not highlight, and how to summarize it in a format that will benefit you over time. He also lists the benefits of summarizing books, which include:

  1. It allows you to more deeply absorb the book’s lessons
  2. It creates building blocks for thinking and creating your own work
  3. It employs imitation to improve your writing
  4. It can help you to build an audience of email subscribers (if you want)
  5. It can connect you with influential people
  6. It can help to improve your visibility and credibility in online communities

Creating a messaging framework

Ashish Jain of MarketingProfs discusses creating a messaging framework for your business, explaining what it is, why you need one, and how to build it. A messaging framework “is a structured representation of what your company and products stand for. ” With a messaging framework:

  • Your customers will know who you are and how you differ from the competition
  • Sales will be able to explain your company’s differentiating factors.
  • Marketing will have a basis for developing future content resources.
  • All parts of the organization will be aligned on your company’s purpose and mission

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