Writing the call to action

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Welcome to the fourth Monday in March – there’s another Monday after this one! That seems like too many Mondays for one month. Something must be done about that – add another Saturday next month.

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Writing the call to action

Every piece of marketing content – such as newsletters and emails – needs a call to action. It tells the reader what you want them to do when they’re done reading your content. If you’ve done the job of writing persuasive marketing copy, and the reader has made it to the call to action, then they should know what to do… and they should want to press the subscribe button or reply to your question or do whatever it is what you want them to do.

So what makes an effective call to action?

  • It is an ACTION – Subscribe / Donate / Download / Email / Call
  • It has URGENCY – Use commanding words to imply the risk of waiting
  • It has VALUE – Download this free guide / Discover the power of XX / Book a demo / Start your free trial
  • It uses ACTIONABLE language – Get started / Reserve your seat today / Get it now
  • It reduces RISK – Download and get started today / Start your free trial
  • It makes it EASY to take action – One click to get started
  • It is EMPOWERING – Click here to get your free trial
  • It can be SEEN – Use white space and colour to make it stand out

Use these strategies when putting a call to action in your next email or letter of introduction. Let me know how it works for you.

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