How to write a great About Me page

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Welcome to the third Monday in May. It looks like a great weekend, so I plan to build my pergola. If you never hear from me again, it either collapsed on me or I have decided to live in my backyard.

Random quote: It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults. Show them how to act properly, each and every day.

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of The Editor’s Desk.

How to write a great About Me page for your website

Many writers have a tough time writing about themselves. That’s why we often have difficulty writing our own websites and bios, especially the About Me page. We want the words to be perfect – much like the tailor wants his suit to be perfect or the interior designer wants her home to be perfect. We are our worst critics.

I read a great article on writing About Me pages from Marian Schembari. I liked it so much that I want to share what I’ve learned.

First, many writers get the About Me page wrong. They make it all about them, rather than appealing to their ideal client. The About Me page has two goals:

  • Get readers excited about finding you
  • Send the reader to the right place (i.e., where they can learn about what you do and contact you)

To write a great About Me page, include the following six components:

  1. Value proposition – State what is unique and desirable about you as a writer, preferably in the introductory headline
  2. Daydream – Describe what the perfect situation looks like for the reader (e.g., Imagine if…)
  3. Differentiator – State what makes you different from other writers. Describe a unique offer. Explain what makes you crazy / what bothers us (e.g., poorly written headlines).
  4. Story – Talk about your mission, work history, awards, etc. Write out your personal story. This is where your writing skills should come into play. Ask (and answer) the question: Have you had the same problem as the prospect you are trying to reach?
  5. Offering – Link to your primary service.
  6. Call to action – Tell the reader what to do with an incentive. Offer an email or newsletter subscription. Provide a link to where you want the reader to go.

Take a look at your website and see how you can incorporate these elements into your About Me page. Make sure it reflects what would appeal to your reader rather than what you want to say about yourself.

Thanks for reading. If you liked what I wrote or think someone else would enjoy it, then please share it. And if you want to reach out, my email is 


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